Project FAQs
We continue to add to our FAQs as new questions arise. If you have a question that is not answered here, please ask in our Telegram, Discord or Forum.
See the FAQ sections below for topic based questions and answers:

How do I find the information I need?

There is a lot to know about xDai, so we've split the website into several sections, depending on your role and what you info you might need to access.
  • About Gnosis Chain: General features, overview, latest news and information designed for new users or those who want to learn more about xDai.
  • For Users: If you want to transact with Gnosis Chain, use DApps, wallets, DeFi etc.
  • For Stakers: If you want to use EasyStaking, delegate STAKE on chain and earn rewards, or become a validator candidate. This section is related to consensus and the STAKE token, which protects the chain and provides Governance capabilities for users.
  • For Developers: If you want to build on Gnosis Chain, all the resources you need are in this section.
  • For Validators: This section is geared towards validators - setting up and running a node, bridge validator info, and other information.
  • Contact & Media: To reach us, or gather assets for interviews, media etc.
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