Crypto stamp
Digital + Physical Stamps from the Austrian Post
The official launch of the Crypto stamp 3.0 is 21 June 2021. It will be available online and onchain at, in post office branches, philately shops and sales points, as well as via the Collectors’ Service.
​Crypto stamp is an innovative public project from the Austrian Post. The post mints digital postage stamps on the blockchain and these digital stamps are paired with physical postage stamps. The stamps are legal postage denominated by the Austrian Post that highlight new technologies, engage collectors, create transparency, guarantee authenticity, and raise funds for the postal service.
The first 2 editions were minted directly on Ethereum. For the 3rd edition, the Austrian Post selected the xDai chain for minting. This saves a large amount of money on transaction fees and energy resources in the minting process while providing stable costs and interoperability options with Ethereum. In addition to being minted on xDai, the latest Crypto stamp 3 has an NFC chip built in which can be used to verify its authenticity.
More details on this exciting project coming soon! website
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