Dark Forest
zkSNARK space warfare
v0.6 Round 2: Inspire Hallowed: Into the Depths has begun! This round will last 9 days, and will end on Wednesday July 7th at 9PM PT. Round 1 recap, Valhalla NFTs and more on the df blog.
df round2 graphic from https://blog.zkga.me/v6-r2-announce
​Dark Forest is an MMO space-conquest game where players discover and conquer planets in an infinite, procedurally-generated, cryptographically-specified universe! Featuring:
  • Super-easy onboarding: A customized burner wallet airdropped with a few cents in xDai lets users start immediately, no MetaMask or other wallet needed.
  • Auto-transactions: Burner wallet can be configured for auto-transactions, speeding gameplay.
  • zksnarks: The first multi-level incomplete information game created on blockchain. ZK protocols allow users to make verifiable moves with exact details still hidden from other players.
  • Fast block confirmations: xDai provides inexpensive txs and importantly fast block confirmations, so gameplay is fast and smooth

Dark Forest Custom Theme/Skin for BlockScout:

BlockScout block explorer for dark forest has been themed to match the game! Stay within the universe while exploring transactions. https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/address/0xa8688cCF5E407C1C782CF0c19b3Ab2cE477Fd739/transactions​

Dark Forest Update

Version v.06 Round 2 is running and optimized on xDai as of 29.06.2021.

About Dark Forest

Using zkSNARKS, dark forest is able to create an incomplete information game, so that user locations can be obscured while still submitting verifiable transactions.
Dark Forest was inspired by Liu Cixin’s Three Body Trilogy (三体), particularly the second novel Dark Forest and a thought experiment by the same name.
Dark Forest Blog
Version v0.4 uses a burner wallet and is in production on xDai. This allows for a higher TPS as well as real economic value loaded onto the game. In addition, users are airdropped a small amount of xDai so they can begin gameplay immediately, without any external wallet or need to get xDai to start. Once users are accustomed to gameplay they can add additional xDai if desired.

More about the game from the developers themselves

Get Started

Simply go to https://zkga.me/ to start (note that the game is in Beta and you will need a whitelist key to participate). At the start, a few command line prompts will get things going, and you can create a new burner wallet or use another wallet (one without too much value, as private keys will be stored in local storage)
Additional game params will load, including your home planet
Once you "check in" with the CLI, the universe begins to populate and you see your home planet......
Dark Forest sneak peak

Tips & Tricks

How to load up your wallet with xDai to play more Dark Forest