HashEx & CryptEx
Smart contract audits & token lockers
The HashEx and CryptEx team provide a number of services for xDai projects and users. HashEx conducts smart contract audits and blockchain consulting, and CryptEx provides liquidity and team token locking services.

HashEx Audits & Services

  • Smart Contracts Auditing
  • Blockchain Business Integrations
  • Project audits and due Diligence
  • Product Analysis
  • Technical Consulting
  • Token economy creation
  • Whitepaper audits
Security audits provide safety and credibility for projects. More details on HashEx services are available at https://hashex.org/​

CryptEx Products

Liquidity Pool (LP) Locker

Internally and externally audited smart contracts for securely locking projects’ LP tokens for a customizable duration. CryptEx does not have access to the tokens as they are stored in the smart contract and are only accessible to withdraw after the locking period has expired by the same wallet that deposited them.

Team Token Vesting (BEP-20)

Another smart contract product that locks tokens distributed to crypto teams upon creation of the token. Similar to the LP locker, this service locks team tokens for a specified duration and can vest tokens over multiple dates.
How to lock Liquidity Tokens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls7kx5NU_xo&t=102s
More details about CryptEx products are available at https://cryptexlock.me/​
HashEx & CryptEx are independent projects deployed within the xDai ecosystem and is not affiliated with the xDai team or services. Please DYOR when selecting security auditing services.