Orchid VPN
Pay-as-you-go VPN integrated with xDai
Orchid is now utilizing the xDai chain to provide pay-as-you go VPN for the global community! The updated in-app purchase system uses the xDai blockchain for VPN credit purchases, providing a fast and stable transaction layer. The current market rate for Orchid service is only $0.06 per GB. In-app purchases allow users to setup accounts and use the application with only a credit card.
This new payments model lets users pay for actual usage (rather than a monthly fee regardless of usage) and provides privacy for users. By leveraging xDai, Orchid is available and accessible for many more users all over the world. xDai usage is abstracted behind the scenes, enabling a fast and predictable payment structure.
Learn more about the xDai - Orchid integration here.
Graphic from Orchid Website
Last modified 3mo ago
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