Porini Foundation
Dedicated to Nature Conservation
Porini Foundation is a Swiss non-profit NGO. It is currrently the only Swiss Foundation in DLT/Blockchain/Crypto that is tax-exempt. Porini Foundation's Mission is to bring innovation technology to nature conservation.
They use a bridge between the ZeroCarbon SustainabilityChain and xDai to enable multi-chain functionality. The Porini bridge is availableat https://theporinibridge.com/​

1. Conservation

Porini is strongly connected to IUCN which is well known for the red list of endangered species. IUCN has also created a Green List Porini will use in the next 9 years to discover, measure and monetise CO2 sinks in nature conservation areas.

2. Marketplace

Porini operates the Green List Marketplace at https://exchange.iucngreenlist.org/marketplace/. This is a marketplace for nature conservation. Currently it features #NatureCollectibles a set of NFTs dedicated to nature conservation. Additional assets will be available soon including CO2.
The mobile app that connects to the DLT is available for Apple IOS or Android The mobile app features meta transactions so users do not have to think about gas costs.
The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure is a POA EVM clique DLT network operated by the nature conservation organisation. It is called the ZeroCarbon SustainabilityChain (ZCSC). See the tech docs for more info.
Currently on ZeroCarbon SustainabilityChain there are three important tokens. You can view more details on their block explorer.
  1. 1.
    Impact Dollar IMD: This is a payment-token that allows the user to make direct and fast donations to nature conservation organisations. Users can see and follow their donation directly and they can be sure that their money actually arrived. Token address on ZCSC: 0xfEC6Ae9cA6656e534E8d2B8813718401C7823079
  2. 2.
    Porini Community Token PCT : This is a token with no rights or function at all. It currently helps inexperienced users to enter the blockchain world. They can play around, do transactions without having to fear that they loose something. Token address on ZCSC: 0x62DAE5fD87368F56aF3D576D4837523429DcE2b1
  3. 3.
    Native Token customEther cETH and the wrapped version of it the wrapped custom Ether wcETH. This is a utility token that enables the holders to do transactions on the ZeroCarbon SustainabilityChain (ZCSC) Token address of wrapped custom Ether on ZCSC: 0x67B9768e1B99b4A5801108B00E171c5a8033124E

3. Bridge to xDAI

The bridge from the ZeroCarbon SustainabilityChain is available at https://theporinibridge.com/​

4. Tokens on xDAI

Tokens on the xDAI chain bridged through the Porini Bridge:
  1. 3.
    wrapped Custom Ether wcETH 0x2Bb6AbCb8c4B1cE6C170D0C656f0D8bdb291D4ae​

5. Activities on xDAI

Porini is currently testing several tools on xDAI before rolling it out to the community. These include:

6. Roadmap

Porini is preparing Monitoring, Reporting and Validation of CO2 Certification Processes onchain as well as the distribution and trading of CO2 certificates onchain. Also they are working with Chainlink to connect IRL data to some of our projects as well as looking into projects currently using Rubic, Hop, Unicrypt and Symmetric on xDai.
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