Reality Cards
A new kind of NFT Prediction Market
Reality Cards was initially developed on xDai, and the step-by-step below relates to initial platform development. Learn more about the xDai deployment here: The current version of Reality Cards does not run on xDai, although future iterations may.
Once you are setup, get started at Connect your MetaMask wallet to xDai and place your bet by renting a card!

Start Predicting

Start by selecting an event and choosing the outcome (the card) you believe is the most probable winner, or one you are willing to risk your xDai on. You will set the daily rental price and a deposit to fund the rent. You can select a card that is currently owned by paying a rental price at least 10% higher that the current owner's rental price.
Once you rent a card, you can view it in an NFT in a compatible wallet. You will continue to "own" the card until your deposit is consumed or another person rents the card. If this happens, and you still have a remaining deposit, it can be withdrawn from the contract.
When an event ends, the total rent from the market is collected and shared among everyone who ever owned the outcome. Percentages paid are based on how an address rented the token.

xDai Marketplace

In this new beta market, users have until September 20th to place their bet on what they think the price of STAKE (xDai’s staking token) will be by the time the market comes to an end.
1) To start, go to There is currently one event, select view cards to see the potential outcome choices for this event.
2) Select the outcome to place your prediction on.
Click on a card to access
3) Choose the amount and the length of time for your rental. In this case we choose 1.1 xDai (the current minimum for a daily rental) and 1.1 for the length of time. This means the rental will last for 1 day unless someone rents it beforehand.
4) Click Rent Card and confirm the transaction in MetaMask. You will see a confirmation on the site as well and your ownership period will begin.
Successful Transaction for rental
5) View your current cards in the My CARDS section. This shows ownership stats and your remaining deposit.