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​STAKEhaus is a DAO by and for the xDAI community. Contributors earn STAKE and STAKErs can contribute.
The xDai Team is a proud contributor of 1000 STAKE to support Stakehaus and ongoing innovations on xDai!
The STAKEhaus is Open ♨️

Adding a Proposal to the STAKEhaus

2) Click Proposals.
3) Click New Proposal.
4) Click Proposal Type (Member, Funding, Whitelist Token, Guildkick, Trade)
5) Enter your details for the title description and link. The total amount of Shares and/or Loot (optional) should equal the amount of STAKE tributed. Both Shares and Loot give you a claim on the GuildBank (the tokens in the DAO) proportional to the percentage of total tokens. If you decide to withdraw because you disagree with a decision or for another reason (RageQuit), you receive a portion of your shares back.
Difference between Shares and Loot:
  • Shares have governance rights to vote on new members and proposal funding. Share holders can RageQuit some or all of their shares at any time, as long as they haven't voted yes on a proposal that's in the grace period.
  • Loot can RageQuit some or all of their loot at any time. Loot is a capital contribution without voting power.
Click Submit to add your proposal.
6) After you contribute and your proposal is passed by the DAO you receive shares which you can use to vote on community driven initiatives to build on xDai. Through this process the DAO will distribute STAKE to the community, deploy a bunch of cool stuff, and support the creation of a value aligned community with a STAKE in the future of the network.
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