xDai integration for decentralized data streams

Streamr Data Unions integration on xDai

14,000+ users will immediately onboard to xDai with the Streamr Data Unions framework.
Additional Details

What are Streamr Data Unions?

Data Unions enable sharing and consumption of decentralized data by connecting data providers and data buyers. Data Union builders can crowdsell the real-time data that their users generate and reward them by sharing data sales revenue. Every Data Union will be deployed to xDai, and published to the Streamr Marketplace with built-in conduits to the Ethereum mainnet. For more on Data Unions and how they work, see the Streamr Docs.

xDai integration

With Data Unions 2.0, contracts are completely on-chain, resulting in greater security and decentralization. Data Union members now have a choice to withdraw earned DATA tokens on xDai and avoid high withdrawal costs. These tokens can then be used, traded and transferred within the xDai ecosystem, for example on HoneySwap or other DEXs and DeFi protocols without high Ethereum fees. Tokens can remain within the xDai ecosystem, or bridged to Ethereum or other chains (ie Binance Smart Chain) as desired.
The Omnibridge enables interoperability between xDai and Ethereum, and is used by the Streamr team to pass data calls and facilitate token transfers between contracts on both chains.

Benefits for xDai

The Streamr Data Union framework immediately brings a large group of users to the xDai chain, including Swash users (14K+ users). Swash is the world's first Data Union – a plugin that rewards users for selling their browser data. xDai will enable inexpensive withdrawals and trading options for DATA token holders on xDai.
Future data streams may include health data, smart city data and many other types of streams.

Benefits for Streamr

Streamr outlines a number of reasons why they selected xDai as their scalability solution to start.
  • Multi-chain ecosystem with stable, predictable fees.
  • Low transaction fees makes withdrawals feasible for large unions with 1000s of members.
  • OmniBridge supports asset and cross-chain data transfers.
  • Fully on-chain, enabling security and composability
  • Team synergy!
If you have any questions about Data Unions, you can message the Streamr team in the #data-unions channel of their Discord server: