Decentralized data storage and distribution running on xDai
Problems: Data centralization, data siloing, data security, companies owning user data, data sharing among disparate platforms.
Solution: Swarm decentralized and secure blockchain data networking ecosystem.
Swarm is a global p2p network for storing and distributing the world's data on the blockchain. This includes public datasets and well as storage and access for private data. Swarm provides a complete environment for data sharing along with incentives (BZZ) for distributed nodes to store, maintain and provide honest accessibility for permissionless data.
Swarm is secure, decentralized, and uncensorable. The bee client runs on xDai to provide data availability, security and resiliency.
​BZZ airdrop on xDai is coming soon for holders of aBZZ tokens on Goerli ​August 2, 2020. This will give node operators and users instant access to the infrastructure on xDai without having to bridge from the Ethereum mainnet.
Details on the latest Swarm offerings and development are available in their Swarm One Mainnet Launch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnEztuLaJvQ​

Swarm Basics

Global node operators run the Bee client. Individual nodes (bees) connect with other bees all over the world to become a swarm. This p2p swarm network stores and distributes data; chunked and encrypted data is spread amongst multiple nodes to ensure reliability and security. Node providers earn BZZ for providing bandwidth and serving data and users pay with BZZ to store data in the swarm.

Swarm Tools

  • ​Gateway: An access point for uploading and downloading files using drag and drop features.
  • ​Smart Cli: convenient command line interface includes auto-fills, identity management and more.
  • ​Bee Dashboard: Node management, shows status, BZZ deposit/withdrawals etc.
  • ​Browser Extension: <in development> Secure connection, will include integration for postage stamp (storage payment) functionality.

Swarm Projects

Fair Data Society

  • ​FairOS-dfs: Decentralized file system for data storage, user management and file systems management.
  • ​FairMaps: Proof-of-concept for a public, community-driven global maps resource.
  • ​Fairdrive: Universal data organizational interface where users can manage their identity and own their data. Developer sandbox available for application development and data economy use-case creation

3rd Party Ecosystem Apps and Apps in Progress

  • ​Vizyon.ai: Decentralized platform for integrating and accessing health data. Users swarm protocols on a private node network.
  • ​Meme Generator: Memezzz platform in development
  • ​PasteBee: Similar to Pastebin, PasteBee is decentralized, unstoppable content for sharing on web3. Anyone can create content, and others can edit and reupload to the swarm.
  • ​Dapplets: Augemented web features to allow embedded/injected info on top of existing content, giving users more control over what information is shown and adding additional functionality.
  • ​Waggle: Spam-free, privacy-preserving secure communication protocol.
  • ​Etherna.io: Decentralized video platform.