xMoon Projects
Apps using xMoon Tokens
Reddit MOON tokens are community currency for the r/cryptocurrency subreddit. They are currently minted and distributed on the Rinkeby test network. Thanks to TokenBridge technology, MOONS can be converted to xMOONs on the xDai chain, and used in other applications and for different use cases. In order to get xMOONs, you need to move tokens from your Reddit Vault and then transfer them to xDai. The videos below show you how.
A few applications for xMOONs have already been created, including the xMOON exchange by Austin Griffith and a Uniswap fork where xMOONs can be traded for xDai. Austin is currently working on an xMOON game as well.

Current Apps

xMoon Exchange

  • Austin Griffith has created a Minimal Viable Decentralized Exchange (MVDEX) on xDai for exchanging and trading Reddit MOON Tokens. The UI let users bridge Dai from Ethereum to xDai, and Moons from Rinkeby to xMoons on xDai. Here, users can trade xMoons for xDai and vice versa!

1Hive Uniswap v1 Fork

Note that the exchange requires 2 transactions, 1 to unlock a token, and a second to exchange value, send tokens or add liquidity.

Transfer Reddit MOONs from Rinkeby to xDai

1. Move Reddit MOONs to MetaMask:

2. Transfer MOONs on Rinkeby to xMOONS on xDai

There are a few ways to move MOONs between chains. You can use the xmoon.exchange application as described in Austin's video, or a Burner Wallet (BW) Plugin that we've developed to exchange tokens.
The Burner Wallet plugin is located at moon-exchange.herokuapp.com. This page may take some time to load, if you experience issues, just reload the page.