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General Information and Links
For assistance or questions please visit the GC discord channel.

General Information

Block Size
Block Speed
Gas price
Native token
Network ID
30M Gas
5 sec
~1.22 GWei at baseline. Can rise with high usage (1559)

Blockchain Explorer

1) BlockScout is the official blockchain explorer for the Gnosis Chain. With this full-featured, open-source explorer you can view transactions, accounts & balances, access data via the API, and read and verify smart contracts.
2) AnyBlock Analytics Explorer is convenient for exploring recent transactions and blocks and locating common information quickly.

JSON RPC endpoints

Main RPC is a load balancer with 4 nodes, health checks, and failover.
JSON RPC endpoint(s)
WebSockets WSS endpoint
wss:// 3rd party
recommended wss://

Additional resources to connect to Gnosis Chain

Network ID hex
Network ID (Decimal, Hexadecimal)
πŸš€ QuikNode supports GC. Devs can get their own custom endpoint for DApps or other needs.​
Ankr offers API endpoint access available with a free tier up to 100K requests/day. Additional paid tiers are available for developers.​
⏹ provides fast and easy API connection services to a GC archive node. Both free and paid levels available.​
AnyBlock Analytics provides a JSON-RPC professional service for users. As GC validators, they have a deep understanding of the network as well as the broader Ethereum ecosystem.​
Pocket decentralized infrastructure, 1-click endpoints and monitoring. Learn more about their multi-chain infrastructure.
Blast infrastructure and dashboard for generating dedicated Gnosis Chain API endpoints. Learn more here.

JSON-RPC Method Info

If using eth_getLogsto pull logs frequently WebSockets are recommended to push new logs as available.

Gas Price Oracle

POSDAO Contracts

POSDAO consensus is implemented in Solidity. Proxy contracts should be read for values such as Random Numbers generated by the protocol.


There are two bridge implementations connecting GC and the Ethereum Mainnet.
****xDai Bridge: ERC20-to-Native TokenBridge implementation, used for transferring Dai <-> xDai between Ethereum and the Gnosis Chain.
****ETH-GC Arbitrary Message Bridge: AMB between Ethereum and GC for data, token and message transfers. Includes the Ominibridge application for transfer of any ERC20 cross-chain.

xDai Bridge Access

OmniBridge Access

Compatible Testnets

​POA Sokol Testnet is updated with similar specifications and runs the Nethermind Client.

DApp Management & Developer Tools

See the dropdown menu under Developer Resources and Tools for tutorials related to many of these tools.
  • ​Biconomy allows for gasless transactions and improved DApp UX.
  • ​Gas Station Network supports Gnosis Chain for Ethless Transactions.
  • ​TheGraph supports data indexing, querying and display.
  • ​CurveGrid MultiBaas provides smart contract deployment, interaction and updating capabilities through a web UI as well as a comprehensive REST API.
  • ​3Box: Externally Owned Account (EOA) addresses are the same on GC as they are on other EVM networks, so no changes are needed to implement 3box functionality.
  • ​Blocknative supports real-time notification & transaction monitoring and mempool streaming with API and SDK tools.
  • ​Sourcify Smart Contract Source Verification. Contracts can also be verified with BlockScout.​
  • ​Ethers.js lightweight javascript library - can be used as an alternative to web3.js for simple application development.
  • ​Remix IDE: It's easy to deploy to GC with Remix, simply choose injected web3 and add the GC custom RPC to your metamask.
  • ​OpenZeppelin Defender: Manage smart contract administration including access controls, upgrades, and pausing. Works with Gnosis Safe Multisig.
  • ​Chainlink: Price Feeds integration.
  • ​Brownie: Smart Contract Development tool suite. For a video overview of Brownie Features, see this tutorial series by the Curve Finance team.
  • ​Gelato: Automate smart contract executions with a decentralized network of bots.
  • ​Gnosis Safe: Multisig management
  • ​Etherspot: Smart wallet SDK with multi-chain compatibility.

Dashboards & Monitoring

  • ​Dune Analytics: Dune supports data queries and custom dashboards. Visualize and compare data between contracts and chains (GC and Ethereum support). Existing Dashboards:
  • ​Tenderly dashboard supports transaction inspection - smart contracts can also be pushed to the dashboard for real-time monitoring.
  • ​Chainbeat provides monitoring and analytics tools for DApp developers.
  • ​Dappquery analytics dashboard, customizable visualizations, smart contract alerts and scalable GraphQL API.

Token Faucets

Faucets for xDai transactions
Test Token Faucets
  • ​Token faucet allows you to easily create ERC20 FAU tokens for testing purposes.
  • ​Weenus ERC20 is also available to use for testing purposes.
Tenderly Dashboard Gas Profiler example

Additional Resources