AoX: Arbitrum on GC

Arbitrum Optimistic Rollup Deployment
Arbitrum has been deployed to Gnosis Chain called AoX! This unofficial instance was deployed for research and development purposes, cultivating a broad ecosystem for developers and users.
We are currently working on configs and bridge installation, Blockscout is already configured for AoX. Look for more info and instructions coming soon.
For information on Arbitrum and usage basics, see the Arbitrum docs. Note that AoX is still being finalized, and some functionality is not yet available.

Basic Info

Chain ID
Rollup Contract
Inbox Contract
Outbox Contract
Contracts version
Arb OS version
Sequencer/Validator docker image

MetaMask Custom Network

Deposits to AoX

Simple deposit functionality for users / bridge implementation is still in development. Devs can use the following ABI to call the depositEth method. Use 0 for maxSubmissionCost and attach an amount of xDai tokens to the transaction. It may take several minutes for execution finalization.

BlockScout Deposit Example

  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet to blockscout.
  2. 3.
    In the depositEth method
    1. 1.
      Enter 0 for maxSubmissionCost field
    2. 2.
      Enter the amount of xDai to deposit
    3. 3.
      Click Write and confirm in MetaMask
Once completed, it may take several minutes for the transaction to arrive at your address on the rollup. Switch to Arbitrum on xDai in Metamask to view the deposit.


Instructions in process

Contract Deployment


To adjust deployment, simply use the xDai Arbitrum RPC url in your hardhat.config.ts:
module.exports = {
solidity: '0.7.3',
networks: {
arbitrum: {
url: '',
gasPrice: 0,
For more info on Arbitrum and usage basics, please see the Arbitrum docs. You can work with Arbitrum on xDai as you would on Ethereum.