Optimism: Optimistic Rollups on GC
An Optimism implementation is now deployed on Gnosis Chain. With this setup, Gnosis Chain functions as the L1 (akin to Ethereum) and Optimism on GC as the L2.
Deployment processes are similar to using Optimism with Ethereum with updated configs to match the Gnosis chain setup.
​Optimism on Gnosis Chain (OGC) faucet​
Network Name
Optimism on Gnosis Chain
Chain ID
RPC Endpoint
WebSocket Endpoint
Block Explorer
L1 (GC) Contract Addresses
​L1 Addresses​
L2 (Optimism) Contract Addresses
​L2 Addresses​

Make a Deposit

Deposits are initiated through the Proxy__OVM_L1StandardBridge contract on the Gnosis Chain with the depositETH method and the following inputs:
  • _l2Gas: 200000
  • data: 0x
  • value: Deposit value in xDai (ie. 0.1 = 0.1 xDai)
Smart contract wallets are blocked from calling the depositETH (and depositERC20) methods. If you want to deposit using a smart contract wallet you can use the depositETHTo function instead.

Example using BlockScout

2) Connect a web3 wallet like MetaMask that contains some xDai for funding and gas fees.
3) Scroll down to the depositETH method and enter the following:
  • _l2Gas: 200000
  • data: 0x
  • value: Deposit value in xDai (in this example we deposit 0.4 xDai to Optimism on GC)
  • Click Write and complete the transaction with your wallet.
It may take several minutes for the deposit to be processed and the balance to update on the Optimism on GC Chain.

Graph Protocol

When starting the graph-node the network key is: optimism
If your subgraph is failing, query the subgraph health using the GraphiQL Playground.


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