Pre-Staking Program (expired)
In this expired program users earned 36.4% APR on STAKE by participating in StakeVault

Pre-Staking on BitMax

The Pre-staking program has expired, but you can still stake through BitMax. BitMax staking using the EasyStaking engine to provide APR emissions.
​BitMax Staking ​
BitMax 3 month pre-staking provided an estimated 36.4% return on STAKE though the StakeVault program.
StakeVault is a brand-new initiative offered by BitMax. It allows projects to refine staking designs and algorithms while public token holders participate in simulated staking. Participants earn real rewards and projects fine-tune their infrastructure through an incentivized platform.
STAKE was the first token to launch on StakeVault!

How it Works

Participants lock tokens in a simulated staking environment on BitMax. Rewards are distributed daily at 36.4% APR. The program continues for 3 months, providing participants with the opportunity to earn STAKE rewards as the protocol prepares for public validation and staking. With pre-staking, every 1000 STAKE placed in StakeVault equals 1 STAKE/day in rewards.
When open public staking starts, users may continue to use StakeVault or may choose to use the xDai user interface for staking and delegated staking. Rewards for public staking on xDai are described here.​

STAKE Pre-staking parameters

Token: STAKE
Est Return
36.4% APR/ 0.7% weekly
Minimum Delegation Amount
Maximum Delegation Amount
Reward Distribution Starting Time
T + 2 Day
Reward Distribution Cycle
Every Day
Regular Unbonding Period
7 Days
Instant Unbonding
Instant Unbonding Fee
Staked Assets as Margin Collateral
Not Available Now
Compound Mode