Crypto Tax Calculator
Supports xDai addresses including Honeyswap DEX and manual imports
​Crypto Tax Calculator directly supports many exchanges across the ecosystem including the xDai Network. It is easy to add and customize transactions by address to prepare taxes for many different countries. For detailed instructions on usage including Bridge and Honeyswap, please see the Crypto Tax Calculator guide.​

Getting Started

1) Create an account and login, then add transactions for various chains and exchanges from the import screen. You can begin with a free account, and only pay when generating a tax report.
For xDai, enter xDai into the search field or scroll down and select.
2) Enter your xDai wallet address into CryptoTaxCalculator, provide an optional nickname, and click Add Wallet. It is possible to add multiple wallet addresses after you add the first.
2a) You will see a "Wallet Syncing" message while Crypto Tax Calculator syncs and categorize your data.
2b) It is also possible to manually import CSV data. More on this process:​
3) Once data is imported, manually categorize any unknown or mislabeled items with the Transaction dropdown menu.
Selecting a tx type
There is no data available for txs receiving xDai via the xDai Bridge, or other ERC20s via the Omnibridge. These transactions should be entered manually as 'buys'.
4) When all transactions are properly categorized and any additional transactions added manually, proceed to Generate a Report. Costs to create the report vary based on individual usage and needs.
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