HOP StableCoin Bridge (Polygon/Eth/xDai)
Hop.Exchange is a 3rd party application and is not developed or supported by the xDai team.
The Hop Bridge can be used for inexpensive cross-chain transfers of USDC & USDT between Ethereum, Polygon and xDai. This is particularly useful for savvy users looking to quickly move between Polygon and xDai to take advantage of the best farming opportunities on either chain. Hop users can also provide liquidity and earn rewards.
To start, go to https://app.hop.exchange/. If you are bridging from xDai to another chain, switch your MetaMask network to the xDai chain. If you are bridging from another chain to xDai, set your network to the chain you are bridging from. From there an intuitive interface can guide you through the bridging process. You will need to approve the application, then submit the transaction. Typically transactions will process in less than a minute and cost less than $.01.
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