NFT OmniBridge

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OmniBridge architecture is flexible to include data and NFT transfers.
The NFT UI available at
Transfer NFTs between the following chains:
  • Gnosis Chain <-> Ethereum
  • Gnosis Chain <-> Rinkeby Testnet
  • Kovan Testnet <-> Sokol Testnet
For detailed information see the NFT Extension documentation in the TokenBridge docs.
  • Network Switcher. There is current support for 2 bridges, Rinkeby<->xDai and Mainnet<->xDai. Switching to the appropriate network in MetaMask will also influence the display. The UI uses xDai, the former name of the Gnosis Chain.
  • History Tab. Shows previous transactions and any available claims.
  • Advanced. Use to set an alternate receiving address on the destination chain (send to another address)
  • ERC-721 & ERC-1155 Support. Scroll down to see any ERC-1155 Tokens owned by the connected address. You can transfer multiple ERC-1155s with a single bridge tx.