Ramp Network: Fiat Gateway
A Fiat -> xDai Gateway
A Fiat-xDai gateway is now available for banking customers in more than 40 countries (complete list) with Ramp. Users can use a debit card or bank transfer to receive xDai directly, including instant Euro-based conversions.
Visit the Ramp Network Hosted Gateway to exchange for xDai now.
  • Applications on xDai can easily add the Ramp Network to their flow, look for integrations coming soon.

Integration Docs for Developers

There are 2 options to integrate Ramp network with an application on xDai.
  1. 1.
    Hosted Mode: Simply add a redirect to the ramp network - https://ramp.network/buy/?swapAsset=XDAI - and include any query parameters with the url. Instructions for hosted mode.
  2. 2.
    Embedded Mode: Use the Ramp SDK, along with swapAsset: 'XDAI' to get started. There are Ramp testing environments available on Kovan, Gorli and other testnets as well. Instructions for Embedded Mode & SDK. The Ramp widget is optimized for the mobile experience.
​API integration is available to customize the user experience and return asset information and prices, events, purchase status and other details.
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