GNO Token
GNO is the staking token used by validators of the Gnosis Beacon Chain. This chain will provide consensus security following the merge between the Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai) and the Gnosis Beacon Chain.
GNO token on Ethereum

Getting GNO

Staking with GNO

GNO Rewards

GNO Distribution & Burn

  • 1.5M GNO are currently in circulation out of 10M total supply
  • An additional 0.5M GNO are vested linearly to Gnosis Ltd over 5 years starting Nov 2020
  • Further 8M GNO are vested linearly to Gnosis DAO over 8 years starting Nov 2020
  • 285,398 GNO will be taken out of the already vested GNO to GnosisDAO to allow the STAKE merger
  • 75,000 GNO will be taken out of the already vested GNO to Gnosis Ltd to pay outstanding debt
  • Both together will increase the circulating supply of GNO to 1.86M GNO
  • The merger proposal also allocates 400k GNO to ecosystem development. This should be taken out of the vested GNO contract on an on-demand basis.
  • To pay for the validator rewards on Gnosis Chain, additional GNO has to be reserved. Given a likely inflation rate of 1.32%, it is unlikely that more than 300K GNO will be needed in the foreseeable future (10 years). It might as well be the case that GNO will be deflationary at some point in the future thanks to EIP-1559.