There are plentiful opportunities πŸ’ to earn incentives on the Gnosis Chain. These include liquid staking, yield farming, lending and more.
Liquid Staking
Yield Farming
Lending & Money Markets
Yield Aggregators
​Stakewise offers liquid staking for GNO holders on the GC. Stake GNO to receive sGNO and rGNO, which become liquid assets while your GNO is validating the network. You can use rGNO/sGNO on DeFi protocols to receive additional rewards, compound your GNO, or for lending purposes πŸ”œ.
Note: If you'd prefer to stake as a validator on the Gnosis Beacon Chain, you can run your own node and receive an even higher APY.
There are many protocols where you can provide token liquidity (token pairs or single token liquidity depending on the app) for a wide variety of tokens, then stake your liquidity to receive additional yield.
APYs and incentives can differ dramatically depending on the protocol, amount in the pools, ongoing 3rd party incentive programs and other variables.
  • ​Curve: Efficient liquidity pools. CRV + GNO rewards
  • ​Swapr: Rewards & incentive campaigns. SWPR + additional projct rewards
  • ​SushiSwap: Provide liquidity, receive rewards in GNO, Sushi.
  • ​Elk: Impermanent loss protection, multichain bridge. ELK rewards
  • ​Symmetric: AMM with rebalancing liquidity pools SYMM & GNO rewards.
  • ​Giveth: Streaming rewards platform. GIV, HNY, FOX and others.
  • ​HoneySwap: Honeycomb Farms. COMB rewards
  • ​Levinswap: Earn LEVIN tokens for staking into pools.
  • ​Xion: Stake tokens to earn XGT
  • ​Minerva Streaming Farm: Streaming farms, earn MIVA.
  • ​DeHive: Crypto indexes, earn DXDC.
Cross Chain Liquidity
  • ​Hop Protocol: Cross-chain bridge where liquidity providers on the destination chain receive fees and incentives. Single-token liquidity provisions.
Gives users the option to supply and borrow assets.
Yield Aggregator platforms consolidate and organize protocols so users can provide liquidity to pools across DeFi applications on the chain.
When your tokens are spread among many protocols it can be difficult to track them all! Here are a few tools for tracking rewards and incentives on the Gnosis Chain as well as other supported chains.
  • ​Debank: DeFi-centric wallet, includes liquid staking and most GC apps.
  • ​Zerion: Manage and build your portfolio
  • ​Zapper: Manage positions across projects

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