Burner Wallet 2
Burner Wallet with customization, plugin options and a complimentary wallet factory
UPDATE: Burner Wallet 2 is the latest recipient of the xDAi Adoption Fund! We've provided a $5,000 DAI grant to David Mihal to continue development on this tool, including a plugin that will make fiat -> xDai conversion a simple process, and a second plugin to support sending and receiving xDai through LinkDrop.
Wallet Type: Web Wallet​
Description: The Burner Wallet 2 is the continuation of Austin Griffith's groundbreaking original Burner Wallet. When first revealed at ETHDenver, the Burner Wallet inspired many developers to rethink how blockchain applications are built.
The Burner Wallet 2 follows many of the original design patterns of the Burner Wallet, but rebuilds them as a set of libraries that are stable, modular and extendable. Our goal is to make this project as developer-friendly as possible, empowering developers to build custom wallets and extend functionality by building plugins.
The Burner Wallet 2 was prototyped at a number of great events, such as the Escape Room at ETHBerlin, and a happy hour at ETHBoston, and used by participants at Devcon V and ETHWaterloo II. A number of Burner Wallet plugins are in the works from companies like Helena, Ching and Sablier.
Burner Factory: The Burner Factory is a complimentary application to the Burner Wallet. Burner Factory allows anyone to build a custom "burner experience" without writing a single line of code. The current site allows customizing the set of tokens and exchange pairs included in a wallet, and quickly deploying that wallet to a server.
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